Return of the Jedi Party Invitation

My Ultimate Return of The Jedi Party

Star Wars

The Emperor will make every attempt to bring me over to the dark side, and since my last attempt at an empire strikes back party was totally destroyed by the enemy, I’m ready to return. This time, it will be with Jedi forces as we explore the unknown, the hidden base at Party City, and pursue all areas and the wonders of the store’s galactic section.

In the midst of the Star Wars aisle, the notion came over me to make this a party of Jedi fighters, one led by Lucy Skywalker, to put a twist on things a bit. However, my enemy and party destroyer, has connections with a new secret base on the far reaches of the internet. It’s she who wants nothing more than to try and sabotage my party efforts. Obsessed with an ultimate return, my party plan includes scouring the depths of the internet to collect the best Star Wars birthday ideas that will bring Darth Vader to a Jedi return.

A costume party will prove to be the most interesting scene. I will recreate Jabba’s palace with exotic aliens, crazy drinks, steaming kettles, and odd alien guest performances. My cake must be a Jabba special, like this from Artisan Cakes by E.T. Yew.

Jabba the Hut Cake


Now for the invitations. This is where a great amount of creativity should be, since the invitations must stand out; but with my tight budget, I’m going to go use Evite to create a huge roar of a statement, yes with the “do it yourself” invitation. Each card will be personalized to suit my party.

Return of Jedi Invitation

The inside of my invitations say:

“Jabba has captured Leia, and we need your help. We will require you to dress as creatures from afar. You must blend in. Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”

A child’s party invitation could say:

The force is strong with this one,
“Name” is having his “Age”th birthday! This “Day of the Week”
And you are invited to Jabba’s Palace in celebration.

It’s creativity that will arm you with the key to defeating the dark side. It is the what will bring the Jedi or cause them to look upon your mission as another lame Star Wars pun.

When are trying to leave an impression like the whole “Luke, I am your father” thing you should go with the light saber invitation, if you go Star Wars shopping you will find inflatable light sabers that will cost you somewhere between $1-5 dollars each. The good thing about these inflated light sabers is that they can be fun in any party, if inflatable’s aren’t your thing, you can go for the glow stick light sabers. These will glow in the dark and are low light. The good thing about them is that they are cheaper and can bring you a feel like of the Jedi that you need to be to complete this party with success!

For the war games, a party is all about fun, find games that the Jedi will find interesting, you can go console, board games or anything that can liven up the party and make people crazy with fun.

Disney Family Yoda Soda Sundae

Madam, your finest cup please. Now who can have a party without drinks? When hosting a party, you can never go wrong with Yoda soda. As I peer through Catch My Party, I am feeling the excitement just looking at the green, bubbly drinks that will bring more festivity to a Return of the Jedi party. For a more elaborate marvel, the ‘no more training’ ode to Yoda float (above) found on Disney Family will work perfectly. For my party, it will be giant gummy frogs in dirty punch that will be served in a pail to make Jabba, himself, drool. Other party beverage delights include:

Bantha milk
Bantha milk is blue milk, if you are a Star Wars fan, then you probably know that it is a bluish colored liquid produced by a huge hairy female buffalo known as Bantha. Hey, hey slow down with the freaking out. It’s actually made from soy milk, or your regular cow milk, unsweetened blue fruit punch mix and sugar to taste. Well, kids like weird stuff, and as weird as it looks it still tastes great.

mustafar lava juice

Mustafar lava juice
Imagine a drink that glows, yes, yes my precious there is such a thing in Star Wars. The lava juice is all about presentation. Create an artificial island of Mustafar volcano. To create this drink, you will need lemonade, club soda or ginger ale, and frozen strawberries. Betty Crocker has an amazing slushee that would work wonders for Mustafar lava juice. There are many recipe ideas that will make an out of this world presentation.

Keeping your Jedi and creatures well fed is very important, to do otherwise, would be an interstellar crime. Leia buns are a great addition in the form of pinwheel finger sandwiches. Other galactic ideas for a child’s party include:

Star wars pizzas
Star wars pizzas are all about the toppings and creativity, if you are an awesome chef you can create images of star wars characters on the pizza, most people go with Darth Vader and Yoda. You can also find a place that sells or that can create these pizzas. Chewbacca cookies can also make things a bit more interesting and they are easy to make.

There are tons of cookie ideas, so don’t limit your imagination. Because of time, I’m choosing an easy route and ordering my cookies. Another alternative is to make them yourself. The Star Wars Cookbook has a number of recipes that would be great to use for a Star Wars party.

On one more note, as humans, we have a right to accept honest bribes, and party favors will always remind people of the awesomeness of your party. There are a number of party favors you can dish out at the end of the party, such as Darth Vader masks, disk launchers, storm trooper wrist bands, high bounce balls it’s pretty much. Remember, you are in control of your party and the Star Wars theme has inspiration from six awesome movies. Personalize everything with a little creativity and your party should be awesome. May the force be with you.

Side note – For a list of Star Wars Species and more Star Wars party ideas, see here.


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