Glamour It Up – Hollywood Party Theme Ideas

Hollywood Theme Party

Hollywood, it’s filled with glittering images that most of us can only begin to imagine. It’s an entire world of its own, a world of glamour, expensive attire and flawless hair. What’s there not to love about Hollywood? I’ll tell you what’s not to love. That girl’s Hollywood themed birthday party! So, I’ve been thinking about how I’d throw my own Hollywood themed party, and if I had one, I’d make it a blast!

For my party decorations, I’d have a red carpet going up the passageway to the front door with a few rented spotlights shining on them to brighten things up a bit. You know, I want to give an effect of real stardom. I’d decorate my family room and kitchen areas as if they were a part of an elegant hotel, and the front door would bear the name of my hotel. I’m thinking something like, ‘Chateau de Fromage.” A walk of fame would grace one of my floors, and framed pictures of movie stars and a beautiful landscape scene would adorn my walls. A select few guests may receive an academy award to take home. My tables would be dressed in white tablecloths and topped with floral centerpieces, while I’d use my silver trays to serve food.

At my Hollywood themed party, I would serve an array of finger foods, nothing too heavy, such as a delightful array of fruits, vegetable crudites, Andrea Meyers‘ sun dried tomato tapenade, sliced cucumbers topped with shrimp salad, and, if I’m really feeling like something special, I’d have a duck liver pate.

Hollywood Themed Birthday Party Cake

My cake would be reels of film, like the one in this photo I found on, and I’d have a table fountain for drinks.

Here’s something really cool that I thought about. As the guests walk up the red carpet, I’d have a photographer (with a digicam, of course) snapping pictures of everyone in their glamour. The music selection would be random classical selections playing softly in the background, but when it’s time to give out the awards for best actress and best supporting actor, I’d have the Academy Award Theme Song playing. How nice would it be to have each person dress as their chosen celebrity, and act like them too. Then, it could be a contest of real acting!

If you’re thinking about planning your own Hollywood themed party, I welcome you to use these ideas to get your creative imagination going. Add your own elements, and send out some great invitations that match the ambiance of your party. Since I envision my party as a more formal event, I would send these invitations to my guests.

Hollywood Theme Party Invitations

Hollywood theme party invitations found on

Your party will have your own special touches that may lead to many different twists on my Hollywood party. Whatever you come up with, I know your party will be a complete hit. In fact, I’d love to hear some of your own ideas. Just comment below, and we can share ideas to make our Hollywood parties shine like the stars!


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